Mazinkaiser: High Grade Mazinkaiser Infinitism


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Bandai brings you the High Grade Mazinkaiser Infinitism. The second installment after Greindizer in the original INFINITISM series!  Firstly, this is an all new design by Takayuki Yanase (Gundam 00) and the company behind the Mazinger brand, Dyanamic Planning, Mazinkaiser arrives with excellent detail, color part separation, and a large range of articulation and gimmicks!  Moreover, the Kaiser Scrander can separate from the body. Includes the Final Kaiser Blade, Kaiser Blades (x2), and Kaiser Pilder in docked and flying forms!  Runner x 21, Stickers, Display stand,  Instruction Manual. Order your High Grade Mazinkaiser Infinitism today! Lastly, be sure to check out our other Bandai kits as well!

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