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Pandasaurus brings you Machi Koro The Expansions!

Machi Koro The Expansions brings both original expansion sets (Harbor Expansion and Millionaire’s Row expansions) to Machi Koro 5th anniversary edition. This means there is now room for 5 players, tons of new variety and establishments and new ways to play Machi Koro. You can build harbors and send fishing boats out from the city to earn extra income and supply the Sushi restaurant. In Millionaire’s Row the city of Machi Koro will put on the Ritz with fancy restaurants and members only clubs!

The Harbor expansion adds 10 new establishments and 2 new landmarks. Millionaire’s Row adds 14 brand new establishments! Now there are more ways to play, new variable game set-up instructions and so much added variety to strategy that you’ll never play the same game twice!

Order your Machi Koro The Expansions today! Lastly, be sure to check out our other Board Games section as well.

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