Gundam Universal Century: RE/100 Guncannon Detector


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The Guncannon Detector from Gundam UC is now available as a model kit! It was featured in a brutal battle with Zeon remnants at Torrington Base in Episode 4: At the Bottom of the Gravity Well and is now making its debut in the RE/100 series! The intricately detailed parts specific to the RE/100 line, such as the armor and backpack, creates an easy assembly process that anyone can enjoy. Gimmicks in the legs and waist allow for an accurate recreation of iconic firing poses as seen in the series. The Guncannon Detector’s designated Beam rifle has been recreated using precise detailing down to the grenade launcher and trigger. Most notable with this kit is the included 170mm cannon used by the Nemo units deployed at Torrington Base. Set includes Designated Beam rifle, Beam gun, 2x Beam cannon, 12x Runner, 1x Sticker sheet, 1x Marking sticker sheet, and 1x Instruction manual. The Gundam UC Guncannon Detector 1:100 Scale Model Kit measures about 7-inches tall.

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