Gundam Universal Century 1/100 Master Grade Char’s Gelgoog Ver 2.0


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Bandai brings you the 1/100 Master Grade Char’s Gelgoog Ver 2.0. Its inner frame construction has been completely revamped for even greater range of articulation and realistic movements! Its sharply detailed armor parts are removable for a cross-section display to show the magnificently detailed mechanisms. Weapons include the Beam Naginata with optional parts to convert into a sword type, a beam rifle, and a shield with a mount arm to connect it to the Mobile Suit’s back with articulated joints for quick deployment. Two types of blade antennas (normal and stabilizer type) are included, along with decals for custom markings and an in-scale Ele-car with Lalah Sune and Char Aznable (sitting and standing).

Order your Char’s Gelgoog Ver 2.0 today. Lastly, be sure to check out our other Master Grade and Gundam sections as well!

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