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Used copy of Pokemon Colosseum for GameCube. Tested for functionality.

Pokémon Colosseum is a 3D role-playing game viewed from a third-person perspective. The player, controlling a Pokémon Trainer named Wes (default name), moves through various towns and other locations (traversed using a type of one-wheeled motorcycle), battling enemy Trainers and completing quests. Items are purchased at “Pokémon Mart” locations using the game’s currency, “Pokémon Dollars” (Pokébuck sign.png). When a battle starts, the screen switches to a turn-based interface where the player’s and enemies’ Pokémon fight. Most battles are of the “double battle” format, which means two Pokémon on each side at one time. However, each Trainer can carry up to six Pokémon at one time, so once a Pokémon is defeated, his or her Trainer must switch out another one unless no more are left. Battles are also conducted at “Colosseums” in several cities.

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