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Used copy of Mary-Kate and Ashley Sweet 16 Licensed to Drive for GameCube. Tested for functionality.

Players can control one of four characters: Mary-Kate, Ashley, Tiffany, or Clair. Players can choose between two regions, beach and mountain. The three game modes are: Adventure, Bring It On, and Arcade.

In Adventure mode, players go around the selected region for three laps by default, but players may choose to extend the game up to ten laps. As players go around the region, they land in spaces where they can pick up friends, receive coins, or participate in challenges. After each lap, players compete in one of the 30 mini-games to earn points. Players also compete in mini-games if they: land on the same space; or, pick up a friend which is already riding with another player. In the first case, the winner gets the space and the loser is pushed back one. In the second case, the friend rides with the winning player

In Bring it On mode, there are no regions and players compete in mini-games. The first player to win three mini-games wins the game. Playtime can be extended by setting the required wins to five, seven, or nine.

In Arcade mode, a single mini-game can be selected. Winning this game mode yields no results.

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