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Used copy of Pokémon Trading Card Game for Game Boy. Tested for functionality. Authentic.

Pokémon Trading Card Game is a Pokémon spin-off video game for Game Boy Color based on the card game Pokémon Trading Card Game. The player begins their adventure at Mason Laboratory, where Dr. Mason gives the player the choice of taking along one of three different Pokémon Trading Card Game decks: Charmander & Friends, Squirtle & Friends or Bulbasaur & Friends. The player character, Mark, has an ambition of becoming the world’s greatest Pokémon Trading Card Game player, but his rival, Ronald, has a similar goal. Ronald duels the player at certain points in the game to test the player’s cards; being defeated by Ronald is an indication for the player to improve his or her deck, whereas victory results in the player receiving a Promotional Card.The object of the game is to defeat eight Club Masters (comparable to the Gym Leaders), earn their Master Medals (comparable to Badges), and then defeat four Grand Masters (comparable to the Elite Four) and the Champion. The Club Masters’ decks correspond to the types of Trading Card Game cards; however, because there are eight Club Masters but only seven distinct types in the game, two of the types are repeated: Fighting and Grass, split in the form of a “Rock” and a “Poison” user, respectively.

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