Game Boy Color: Racin’ Ratz

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Used copy of Racin’ Ratz for Game Boy Color. Tested for functionality.

A variety of little animals take center stage in this racing challenge that takes you through some unlikely environments. Trek through the living room, Grandma’s house, a bedroom, and the garage in your quest for glorious victory. There are 25 missions in all, and the action is spread over 10 huge levels. You choose to play as Chris (a cat) or Betty (a little bird), and then take your character through a slew of puzzles, avoiding hazards and collecting power-ups. Finding the appropriate items will allow you to jump across furniture, shrink your car, or even climb over your obstacles. Smart strategy and quick reflexes will help you unlock an extremely trying boss level where you’ll take on either a cat or bird in a head-to-head duel. Sometimes the best things come in small packages, and that’s certainly the case in this small-scale racing challenge for the Game Boy Color. Order your copy of Racin’ Ratz today. Check out our Game Boy and other Video Games as well!


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