Game Boy Advance: Tom and Jerry The Magic Ring


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Used copy of Tom and Jerry The Magic Ring for Game Boy Advance. Tested for functionality.

Inside a haunted and creepy-looking mansion, Tom chases Jerry as usual while breaking everything in the process. Meanwhile, in the basement, Tom’s owner, a wizard named Chip, attempts to make a magical potion using his magical ring until he realizes it doesn’t work. Chip checks the milk carton that he used on the portion, but there is no substitution for the milk of a cow that lives in Calcutta. Later, Chip throws Tom into the basement and orders him to guard his magic ring while he goes to Calcutta to milk the cow; if Tom does a good job, he’ll be rewarded with a big juicy salmon but if not, “there will one less kitty to clean up after around here”, meaning that Tom will be kicked out of the mansion for good. Chip then leaves for Calcutta using his motorcycle, leaving Tom in charge of guarding the ring in the basement. Unbeknownst to Tom, an interested Jerry finds the ring while climbing the table and puts it on his head, wearing it like a crown. Jerry runs out of the mansion, and Tom frantically attempts to find him so he can get the ring back.

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