Game Boy Advance: Spyro Orange The Cortex Conspiracy


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Used copy of Spyro Orange The Cortex Conspiracy for Game Boy Advance. Tested for functionality.

The story begins with Doctor Neo Cortex and Ripto joining forces to rid themselves of their respective nemeses Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon by genetically modifying Ripto’s “Riptoc” minions and disguising them as Crash and Spyro, leading the two protagonists to believe they are against each other. Crash and Spyro are alerted of their respective worlds’ predicament and are sent to get rid of the disguised Riptocs. Crash and Spyro eventually encounter each other at Dragon Castles and Wumpa Jungle, believing each other to be a disguised Riptoc. However, they soon discover that they have been tricked into fighting each other by Cortex and Ripto and decide to team up against them.

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