Game Boy Advance: Danny Phantom The Ultimate Enemy


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Used copy of Danny Phantom The Ultimate Enemy for Game Boy Advance. Tested for functionality.

This plot begins ten years in the future in Amity Park. A rogue ghost tears down the city’s powerful ghost shield with a mysterious power called Ghostly Wail. An adult Valerie confronts the ghost that is revealed to be Dan Phantom: Danny Phantom’s evil older-self. Somewhere in the Ghost Zone, two ghosts called the Observers have taken notice of the destruction of Amity Park and employs a ghost named Clockwork the Master of Time to make sure Danny never becomes evil.

In present-day Casper High, Danny is under pressured about the upcoming Career Aptitude Test (C.A.T.) that determines a person’s future, since he has not had much time to study. Mr. Lancer announces if the person fails the test he or she will be doomed to a career at the Nasty Burger.

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