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Used copy of Barnyard for Game Boy Advance. Tested for functionality.

The game has various different accounts of gameplay from missions to a mini-game type system. The player plays the game through a sequence of 9 chapters as a farm animal of his/her choosing. An extra farm animal could be unlocked from having Nickelodeon games at the time that were included in the ‘Crossover’ event. As the player progressed through the chapters in the game, he/she met new characters, unlocked new areas, got more in-game currency etc. The player went around the Barnyard and either explored the area(s) the game has to offer or followed the story and completed the missions by going to the barn animal that sent him/her a text to his/her phone. He/She could find these characters by looking for, and following the quickest path to, the ‘!’ on the map. As the player continued through the chapters, the game continued increasing in variety as well. There are a lot of in-game movie references as well including dialogue from the characters and certain in-game objects. As the player got to the mid-part of the game, however, he/she lost the same playable character, Ben, that is lost in the movie. As the player got to the end of the game, specifically Chapter 8, things only get worse as the leader of the Barnyard, Otis, runs off and he/she are put in charge. However, the tides suddenly turn as the player, the other animals, and Otis take one final stand against the final boss. Note that depending on the chapter he/she in, there would be either more or less missions than the previous chapter(s).

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