Chicken Heist


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Fourtato Games brings you Chicken Heist!

The objective is to be the chicken with the most money at the end of the bank heist.

Throughout the game, you will be faced with a variety of dilemmas and choices. You can rob to put yourself ahead of the game, or gather information to guarantee your safety.

However, you need to be strategic in figuring out when to run. Work together to avoid getting caught, or use deception and manipulation to throw your friends under the bus.

Ultimately, the goal is to escape on the cash-filled getaway truck with as few players as possible — less players mean a bigger cut. However you scheme, there can only be one winner.

• 7 Base Event Cards
• 7 Variable Event Cards
• 12 Character Cards
• 24 Decision Cards
• 30 Loot Cards
• 1 Truck Card
• 1 Leader Card
• 40 Action Cards
• 8 Player Help Cards

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