30 Minute Missions: 1/144 Option Parts Set 2

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The 1/144 Option Parts Set 2 is applicable for any of the 30 Minute Mission kits. Check out this and other packs and customize today! Further customize your 30MM mecha with this optional parts set! Equipped with a wide range of customization options such as new armor, optional equipment, and explosive reactive armor. Various weapons can be further customized. Includes 1 set of side armor, 2 rocket launchers, 2 leg extensions, 2 explosive reactive armor, 2 boosters, 2 hooks, 2 smoke dischargers, 2 missile pods, and various joints.

Bandai brings us a new lineup of endlessly customizable, easy-to-build mecha model kits with 30 Minutes Missions (30MM)! A new type of mass produced mecha, these kits are perfect for army-building and feature a common joint system so parts can easily be switched between the different types of units. Each kit builds into a highly posable figure with armor. Furthermore, the armor parts are interchangeable to equip weapons. Order your 1/144 Option Parts Set 2 today!

Furthermore, you can see the full display video here;

Bandai 30 Minute Missions Official Trailer


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