Prepare For PS5 Preorder Cancellations

PlayStation 5 preorders officially went live on September 17th, and to call the process as one of chaos would be a massive understatement.  Even with Sony reassuring gamers that there would be a fair warning in advance of the opening up to preorders, many retailers decided to jump the gun.

As a result, many gamers were left empty-handed, and more than a little upset.  Even those individuals who were lucky enough to get their preorder to go through, and received a purchase confirmation, may also find heartache in that the odds are they will not receive their console on time due to issue with stock.

It was previously suggested that COVID-19 would possibly play a part in creating issues concerned with manufacturing, as certain materials required for the construction of the next-gen console saw significant price increases.

So far, Sony has denied any rumors that may indicate that this may be the case and refuse to comment on whether the coronavirus pandemic or other such external factors stemming from the virus are causing a delay or hindering of production.

The fact still remains that with reports of many retailers stating that they do not have near enough stock to fulfill orders, the concern is growing that of an announcement of the cancellation of preorders could come any day now.  If nothing else, this may be a warning that similar issues will arrive in November when the next-gen console officially launches.

Sony may continually assure gamers that all is going as planned, and there is nothing to worry about. However, given the chaos and mayhem that ensued during the preorder phase, one could understand why many gamers are more than a little leery.

It is understandable by worries and anxieties are running exceptionally high, with the news from some outlets in the UK having canceled preorders on the PS5 once they heard the news from Sony pertaining to official allotments.

Although it is possible that many smaller retailers and distribution centers may receive a smaller amount of stock than initially expected, it is considered unlikely that PS 5 preorders will see a massive cancellation.

Even with the recent chaos and pandemonium centered around the recent preorders, many retailers are still able to queue up and order the consoles.  Feeling that canceling the preorders would only serve to cause even more frustration for gamers, Sony has promised that preorders would indeed be both accessible and available.

It only goes without saying that there exists a high probability that the preorders could sell out, particularly in those days leading up to the next-gen console’s release in November.

Coupling the fact that console releases previous to this one were hindered by shortages or preorders, with the issues in manufacturing possibly being created by the current coronavirus p, odds are that there will be more problems to come over the next month leading up to the official release.