Pac-Man Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary

Being that the chances are pretty good that you already know this, but did you know this year is the 40th Anniversary of probably one of the most iconic gaming franchises in the world?  Yep, I am talking about Pac-Man.  Even if you have never heard of Bandai Namco, you are pretty sure to have heard of the video game that has stood the test of time.  

I, myself, am a child of the era that saw the creation of the yellow ball that seemed always to be hungry.  I can even remember when it was only available in the black and white version back in the day.  Through the years, the black and white version was replaced with the vivid colors of the arcade version, which then was offered for home game systems.  You know, those dinosaurs known at one time as Atari systems?  As the decades passed, the little scamp munched his way to a worldwide audience, as well as films, tv shows, and various media.

In an interview with the newest CEO of Bandai Namco Entertainment, Yasuo Miyakawa, the question was posed about how it felt to be celebrating such an auspicious milestone as Pac-Man’s 40th.  Miyakawa said that although he wasn’t there for its inception, he would do all he could to make sure that it is kept in the public eye and popular for forty more years and beyond.

Pac-man is a highly revered icon in the industry of video gaming, and it and the games under its name are genuinely timeless, enjoyed by both young and old alike.  There is the fact that the yellow munching ball has been able to break out of the video game genre and take on a multitude of other genres, such as media, television, and even movies.  There are few productions in the industry that the character from the video game hasn’t touched or appeared in at one time or another.  

Much like Pac-Man has been to video games, Bandai Namco has been a leader at the forefront of animation, known for its various art styles and the directions it chooses to take.  One such model was the introduction of the Gundam series.  According to Miyakawa, in the companies fiscal year of March 2020, the Gundam brand had sold more than 78 billion yen in products.

With sales such as these, it would appear that Bandai Namco is on a steady course for a somewhat successful year—that is, if no global hurdles pop up.  Miyakawa was quick to remind that Bandai always puts the safety of both their employees and customers, first no matter what the situation.  As for 2020 and beyond, Miyakawa says that Bandai is looking to release more titles, as they feel it is their responsibility to deliver fun across the globe.  Fans of the company are sure to be happy to hear of the upcoming additions and are sure to attest to the fact that they are having fun by the boatload.