Nintendo Direct Rumored For Next Week

According to a credible industry insider, Nintendo is planning an announcement in the form of a Direct digital event within the week.  It has been quite some time since fans have seen such an announcement concerning the company’s game via an actual press conference and not by way of a random set of tweets.

The last Direct by Nintendo was back in September, almost an entire year ago.  In that time, there have admittedly been Partner Directs, Mini Directs, and even showings of Indie World, however, fans are clamoring for news of the more prominent franchises, which in previous years has only happened during a Nintendo Direct.

Admittedly, it didn’t help the timeline when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world on a global scale, leading to the cancellation of the E3 festivities planned for this year.  Even with the shutdowns that result from the pandemic, many can not understand why Nintendo didn’t go ahead and announce their new lineup in June.  The only reason there has been no movement towards announcing is that the company may have had many more significant projects still up in the air.  

The pandemic is in no way anywhere near an end, but during the last few months, many businesses and companies have had a chance to adjust the way they do things to the new normal that is 2020.  As a result, it appears that Nintendo is now really to make its announcement on some of the newest games they will be offering, just in time for the holidays.

Many expect to hear of a 3D Mario game release, just in time to celebrate the video games anniversary, as well as a possible release date announcement for Metroid Prime 4.  Either way, it is expected that there will be announcements of some sort of releases for the upcoming holiday.

In a statement made by Jeff Grubb, Summer Game Mess organizer, there is a “strong possibility” that the company will indeed host a Nintendo Direct as soon as next Friday, September 4th.  Although Grubb’s source for the information did not go so far as to specify the type of direct that this would be, it is possible it may be another Partner Direct, rather than a Nintendo Direct. 

This proved to garner a much less than positive reaction from those fans eagerly awaiting Nintendo’s holiday plans.  Grubb did offer that the signs somewhat point to the Direct next week to be one of a general nature.

As with any time there is speculation and rumors that Nintendo is planning to announce a new direct, the fans begin to go into overdrive, trying to second guess as to what the announcement could contain.  Until the announcement is official, gamers will have to try and rely on their Switch, and maybe revisit a game that they hadn’t quite finished previously.  As all gamers know, Switch is coming out will new games all the time, and there might be something to tide them over.

However, as always in the past, the fans have to be patient and play the waiting game—which is undeniably the hardest thing to do for a gamer.

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