Nintendo Announces New Console By 20XX

There has been good news and there has been bad news announced for those gamers who love Nintendo.  The good news is that the tech company has officially announced that they are working on new hardware.  The bad news is, the window for when the new console may be released is so broad that it may be as late as 2100 before we see it.

With Nintendo not planning on exiting the hardware business anytime in the near future, it came as no surprise to gamers that the firm recently confirmed working on new hardware.  The fly in this proverbial ointment is that they stated it would release by the end of the century.  I don’t know about you, but to me that seems like a pretty broad timeframe.

Rumors had really heated up in the last few weeks, indicating that the new console was in the works.  It was also speculated that it would feature such capabilities as 4k gaming and the use of next-gen hardware.

During the company’s latest briefing by corporate management, a slide confirmed that there will be a release of a “next gaming system” and that it would launch sometime in “20XX.”  This only goes to verify that the system will launch sometime in this century, before 2100. 

In reality, one would hope that the new Nintendo system would, in fact, release well before the year 2100, but it looks like at the moment, Nintendo is not committing to any hard and fast dates.

According to the announcement made September 16th, Nintendo is:

“Working on an integrated hardware-software next gaming system.”

The company then elaborated that statement with:

“In the future, Nintendo still plans to expand its business around the creation of unique integrated hardware-software products.”

To date, the Switch is holding its momentum with an estimated 60 million units already sold worldwide to date. Included in that momentum is the new US record it set for August with the highest amount of dollar sales for any console in history.

It is expected that Nintendo will release a model of the Switch that is enhanced as early as 2021.  It is also expected that whatever console the tech company chooses to come next would logically follow sometime after. 

Up until now, Nintendo has had a console release cycle that usually ran for 5-6 years; however, Nintendo thinks that the Switch may happen to enjoy a much more extended success period than usual.

Rumors from Bloomberg, coupled with Nintendo’s own comments, seem to imply that this newest console will be more than just a refresh on the Switch.  In the past, Nintendo has made mention of AR and VR tech, but never in a manner that made one thing they were overly excited by the idea or endeavor. 

As such, nothing that has been said by the company would lead one to believe that this new release would be a 4k console. It very well could be that the new release is not what many of the so-called “experts” think it may be. 

Either way, we have a good part of a century to wait and find out or sure.

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