New Pre-Orders Available 12/15/17!

Hello fellow geeks! It’s been a while since we have posted on here. But Hyperlink and myself think it’s about time we share the great news of all geeky things with you more often.

Starting off small, here is an exciting look at the 2 new items that went up for pre-order today.

The first one is theDragon Ball Z Main-Vegeta S.H. Figuarts! The absolutely essential character in that famous scene from the “Majin Buu” storyline! The popular character from the Majin Buu arc, and so necessary for its climactic scene: Majin Vegeta! One of the series single most impressive and mercurial characters now joins S.H.Figurarts! First displayed in New York during the Tamashii Nations World Tour, this figure is finally heading into long-awaited production! The set includes 2 pairs of optional left hands, 3 pairs of optional right hands, and 4 expression parts.

After the Prince of all Saiyans comes another fan favorite. Sailor Moon SuperS: Sailor Venus S.H. Figuarts! Venus Love and Beauty Shock! Sailor Venus, leader of the Sailor Soldiers in “Sailor Moon SuperS,” joins S.H.Figurarts! This release completes the inner circle. Just as with the other figures in the series, she includes effect parts for her own attack technique. The set includes 4 expression parts (one new), 5 pairs of optional hands, Crystal Change Rod, Venus Love and Beauty Shock effects (x2), a stand with 2 supports, and 2 effect clips.

Perfect for fans of either series! Both of these are now avaliable for pre-orders on our site now!