Minecraft Funko Pop!

No game has been more iconic to the gaming community than Minecraft.  From new gamers to old, this open world building game is full of nostalgia and endless hours of fun.  Think of it like having a Costco sized Lego store in your living room.  Any child or adult kid would jump at an opportunity for such an accident to happen.  Luckily you don’t have to wait for an accident, you can just download this paradise to your computer.


Lets begin with going through the main pops of the set.  Oh and of course in true Minecraft fashion the Funko Pops are pixelated!

The first we have to look at is Steve (Duh).  Steve is definitely my favorite (again Duh) and this will be added to my growing collection. He even has his ax!

The bane of everyone’s existence.  The dreaded Creeper.  I may have screamed once or twice turning around in a cave and one of these appearing in my face.  This is a must have Funko Pop for those dark places on your desk.

If you’re not being blown up by a Creeper then you’re definitely being shot at by this guy.

From Minecraft Story Mode Alex with her ax!

Why sit around wait for this guy to spawn when you can just pick him up at your local favorite geek shop!

Just like in the game there is a chance that the Ocelot will spawn a Tuxedo Cat.  1/6 rarity! Make sure you grab this Funko Pop Chase if you see him in the wild!


If you call yourself a true Funko Pop Hunter then continue reading because this next section is for you.  Here are the Exclusives.

If you want to take on all those Creepers and Skeletons down in those caves then you must have Alex in Diamond Armor exclusive from Best Buy.


When resources are in short supply gold sure beats iron armor while hunting for those rare diamonds.


Steve and Alex both get an upgrade with their Enchanted Armor.  Available at Walmart and Toys R Us respectively.


Now onto the cream of the crop Exclusive Funko Pops


FYE will be carrying this lovely gentleman.  He Glows in the Dark making him look like he is about to explode and ruin your day.  Might have to add him to my collection as well, in case I want to relive those wonderful memories from those deep mining excursions.

From Gamestop comes the Charged Creeper.  The last thing you see before the “You Died” screen comes up.  Unless you have that fancy enchanted armor.


Our predictions of this sets hardest pop to find comes from Target.

The Flaming Skeleton is a sight for sore eyes when you are being chased by mobs.


We look forward to this set coming out sometime in February.  It will be interesting to see if the rumors are true and they make a diamond armor Steve.  He is not on the official Funko Blog but I have seen pictures of him.