Microsoft And Sony In A Game Of Chicken–Who Will Cave First?

With the holidays quickly approaching, fans of the PlayStation game systems are still eagerly awaiting Sony’s confirmation on the price of their newest game console, PlayStation 5. Although there are several logical reasons why the gaming company has yet to reveal the price, many believe the holdup is primarily due to Sony wanting to hear what Microsoft will be charging for their Xbox Series X.

Speculation has been, up until now, is that the delay in the announcement of the price of the newest consoles was due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  For instance, a report in Bloomberg, claimed specifically that the pandemic was creating issues in PS5 manufacturing.  With the current trade and travel restrictions many raw materials have been challenging to obtain, or the price raised considerably.  In turn, these issues will show a significant increase in the market price of the console itself.

Admittedly, the COVID-19 pandemic has placed unique challenges when it comes to the manufacturing of the PS5 console, and it may not be the only factor in the mix that is delaying the price reveal.  t is possible that Sony is playing it close to the vest so as not to be one-upped by Microsoft.  In fact, both companies may be waiting in hopes that the other will give in and make their price reveal announcement first.

With the two consoles, and companies, being direct competitors, for those buyers who are in the market for a new gaming console, the price may be the main deciding factor in which version they choose.  Keeping this in mind, the most appealing price may be the very key to which system will be the most successful and see the most sales for this holiday season.  So, it only goes to reason that the price that is revealed last will definitely result in having the upper hand.

The executive producer and host of IGN’s Next-Gen Console Watch 2020, Daemon Hatfield, says an alleged inside source in the situation has claimed that Sony and Microsoft are playing a “game of chicken.”  In concept, a game of chicken is when two or more parties avoid a decision, in the hopes of not being the victim of a less than ideal outcome, and in essence looking like a coward, or a chicken.

Hatfield went on to explain:

“I reached out to a well-connected Microsoft person, and just asked them, based on their experience and what they know and what they hear, is it just this the game of chicken—that it seems to be, of just one not wanting to get one-upped by another?  And this person thought, basically, yes.”

Daemon Hatfield

If Microsoft and Sony are indeed involved in a game of chicken, and each is waiting for the other to make their price reveal first, then gamer’s may be in for a long wait. 

However, estimates are putting the cost of the PS5 anywhere in the range of $400-$500. With the holidays just around the corner, both companies need to release their systems price sooner rather than later.  However, we still wonder which will cave and reveal first?

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