Geek Blog March 23 New Optimus Prime Kit!

Optimus Prime Kit

Geeks and Transformers fans rejoice! There has been the official blitz of the new Optimus Prime Model Kit today! Though you would think this beauty was another one of Bandai’s creations, it seems as though Hasbro took a different route. Flame Toys  leads the head of this operation of this new fan favorite.

Because of this, at this particular time I can’t tell you what grade/scale it is. But based on information we have, it stands about 6 inches when completed, which is a tad bit taller than some of Bandai’s 1/144 HG line. As far as complexity, that is still a bit in the dark. The color separation on this looks amazing and vibrant. The marking look well placed, and their seem to be minimal stickers. Changeable parts are also included, which gets my hopes up to think that maybe we will get more kits with more parts down the line.

However, we see no signs of transformation. Which means it will be just a stand up model. We could be proven later, but don’t get your hopes up.

All in all, this is something for Transformers fans old and new and something you will want to have displayed to show your pride for the Autobots!




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