Geek Blog March 23 Naruto Shippuden Jiraiya S.H. Figuarts

Nartuo Shippuden Jiraiya S.H. Figuarts

Welcome Geeks! Thankfully for some of you, today is your Friday and you are looking forward to the next 48 hours of whatever you want to do! But before you get too far into that, lets take a look at the new Nartuto Shippuden Jiraiya S.H. Figuarts that came in!

Jiraiya S.H. Figuarts

First off, I would like to note this is a P-Bandai item. That means once they are out, finding them will be difficult.

Jiraiya is the newest addition to the Nartuo Shippuden S.H. Figuarts line, and I personally could not be more excited. Jiraiya is a huge part in the Naruto storyline and it seems only right that Bandai would make him into one of their famous plastic works of art. To be honest though, at first glance of the Jiraiya S.H. Figuarts box, I’ m a bit drawn back. The box is narrow in length but wide from front to back. Because of this, a lot of window space is covered up and you can not see much to appreciate on the inside. Fear not though for the amount it does come with is acceptable.

The box includes 3 pairs of optional hands, folded arm part, 3 optional expressions, 2 popsicles, Rasengan ball, and “Dokonjo Ninden” scroll. I’m astonished Bandai would take the time to actually add the popsicles. Not just one, but 2. This means when the re-issue (or if you already have the original) Naruto Uzamaki figure comes out, you can create that timely scene with the both of them. I also had wished that he came with a copy of “Make Out Tactics” but beggars can’t be choosers I assume/

Again, Bandai did a surreal job with the molding and plastic on this one. The pose-ability and stability is remarkable. Recreating your favorite scenes is made easy with the firmness and balance. The color separation between the different layers of clothing and accesories stands out and is wonderfully portrayed.

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