Geek Blog March 22 New Dragon Ball Kid Goku On Nimbus S.H. Figuarts

New Dragon Ball Kid Goku On Nimbus S.H. Figuarts

Hey Geeks! Today we’re going to analyze the new Kid Goku On Nimbus S.H. Figuarts that landed in our store! This is one for all Dragon Ball fans alike and you will not want to miss out in it! Oh, and did we mention, it is P-Bandai, so make sure you get them while you can before they are gone!

Dragon Ball: Kid Goku On Nimbus S.H. Figuarts

The newest addition to the Dragon Ball S.H. Figuarts line up is here! Kid Goku On Nimbus comes flying in and ready for action. But before he starts pulverizing enemies, let’s have a closer look at him.

First off, I want to mention that it really should of been called “Kid Goku WITH Nimbus”, and not ON Nimbus since Kid Goku can stand alone. At first glance, you recognize they fact of how many accessories this figure comes with. 6 pairs of hands, 3 different interchangeable facial expressions, 2 Saiyan Tails, the Four Star Dragon Ball, Power Pole  and of course, Nimbus! A stand for both Kid Goku and Nimbus are included in box as well. That is quite a bit for a small figure!

Speaking of size, I was worried when this was first announced that his short stature would make him hard to pose and unreliable. But I was proven wrong. Bandai shows there excellence in plastic molding with this figure. Its pose-ability is firm and balanced and holds well. Combine this with quality articulation and fun interchangeable parts, and I dare say this is probably one of the best Dragon Ball S.H. Figuarts we have seen.

You can pair this with other Dragon Ball Figuarts to re-create scenes, such as Shenron or the soon to be released Master Roshii! My hope now is that maybe we will get a Kid Krillin to go with this as well.

Again, don’t forget this is a P-Bandai item. That means once they are out, chances of you seeing another one is slim, without paying inflated prices of course!

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