Geek Blog March 19th: Keroro, Pokemon and Toy Show!

Hello geeks! Welcome to another exciting edition of Geek Blog: March 19th! For this entry, we will talk about a green frog, an orange lizard, a magical gathering of geeks, and more! My name is Geek, and I’ll be your guide in todays adventure. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the text and visuals on your screen!

Green Frog

Firstly, lets talk about Keroro! For those of you who are unfamiliar with that, maybe the name Sergeant Frog rings a bell. If you still don’t know what I’m talking about, well here is a picture!

Keroro Gunso and Kerororobo Mk-II Anniversary Special Version Pose 4

Anything past that and I guess your just out of luck. However, Bandai released a new line of Sergeant Frog Plamo kits to celebrate the series 20th anniversary. The kits come with different characters and Robos, each featuring unique transformations and parts. It has also been noted that when you have all the Robos together, you will be able to morph them into a new Robo! So far we have received the Keroro Robo and Tamama Robo suits, along with the Keroro/Robo 2 pack and Keroro single. These follow the Bandai Spirits line where no paint or glue is necessary, so they are fun for all ages!

Kerororobo Mk-II Pose 1
Tamama Robo Mk-II Pose 1

Orange Lizard

Next up, there is a certain orange lizard I want to talk about. Funko anounced their newest Pokemon to the Pop! line, Charmander! He is the 3rd (standard) Pokemon to join the line, meaning that for the starters, all we are waiting on is Squirttle. As of right now, we have a May release time, but will update as it gets closer. Make sure you add yours to your collection today!

Funko Charmander Pop!

Stubby Mecha

Moving on, Bandai has also announced new SD Sangoku Soketsuden’s in the line. New forms based off of the Red Frame and Barbatos are accomponied by a new Trinity bike that is customizable! These new kits in the series follow the 2 previous released lines and have a release time frame of May as well. Check them out below and secure yours!

Sun Quan Gundam Astray Pose 1
Ma Chao Gundam Barbatos Pose 1
Trinity Bike Pose 3

HP, MP and Pew Pew

You all will be happy knowing that our Video Games section on site is still making progress! We have completed the PS2, XBox, XBox 360 section and are now working on NES. We have some really good ones in the NES section so far, so if you haven’t seen it yet make sure you check them out! Don’t forget, we buy, sell and trade games and consoles, so bring in your stuff that is collecting dust and put some cash in your pocket!

Upcoming Event

Getting towards the end here. Don’t forget this Saturday, March 23rd we will be at the Washington State Toy Show located at the Puyallup Fair Grounds! Come by to check out an spic collection of new and old toys and games from all series! Early Bird gates open at 9am and the rest open at 10. Tickets are around the $5 range. So instead of doing nothing on Saturday like you planned, come on by and check out some awesome vintage and new collectibles!

“But Geek, what about your Kingdom Hearts 3 update?” Well….when Riot Games decide that URF mode is done and it goes down, that is when I will find more time in my life complete KH3. Until then, I’m going to keep relying on ultimates under 30 seconds and a flash on every minute! Sorry, not sorry.

I hope you enjoyed this volume of Geek Blog: March 19th. As always, you support is much appreciated! Is there a certain pre-order you are excited about? Will you be joining us for the Toy Show this weekend? Let us know in the comments section and subscribe while you are at it!

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