Geek Blog March 17 Overwatch Hats, Wallets and T-Shirt

                     Geek Blog March 17 Overwatch Hats, Wallets and T-Shirt


Hello Geeks and welcome to Geek Leak! Today we will be going over the new Overwatch Hats, Wallets and T-Shirt that have landed in the store! Without further ado, let us begin.



These hats feature some of your favorite character logos and some signatures on the side. They are Snap Back style too, so you can adjust it to fit! The characters as shown below are D.Va, Soldier 76, Lucio and Junkrat. Jinx shows off their quality craftsmanship once again with these amazing hats!




These Bi-Fold wallets display and match some of the character hats above! The have a money pocket, 3 card slots, and a translucent ID window pocket as well! The characters are Lucio, D.Va, Junkrat, and “New Mission” design!





There is no way to Nerf This awesome D.Va Bunny Spray Logo T-Shirt! It’s black background with bright neon pink helps you show off your support to the greatest gamer in the (Overwatch) world.


Pick up these and other awesome merch today at GeekIsUs!

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