Geek Blog – January 9th

Stepping into the video game world

Hello Geeks! The day has not ended yet and I did not forget about the post, though it has been a bit of a busy one. We did mention at the beginning of this year that we wanted expand on areas, video games being one of them. I’m proud to say it has began to take shape!

But before all that, a special guest came in today.

Though the work is long and tedious, it’s pretty cool having a retro game set up honestly. Our section is small, but that doesn’t mean its not good. We have began putting up some of the games on the page (it takes a bit longer then you may think) and we have some great titles in here already.

You can check out the start of it over on our new section, Video Games. Again, process is a bit time consuming but the motion is finally going. There are some classics on the site right now such as Pokemon Stadium, Ocarina of Time and even Goldeneye!

All of the games and system are tested before we put them up. You do have 7 days to return any games or equipment if you are unsatisfied with a receipt.

Is there a particular game you would like to see us have here in the shop? Or what is one of your most favorite old school console games that you enjoyed? Let us know with a comment below!


We have also obtained our map for Chibi Chibi Con! Check it out below to see where us other vendors will be located! Again, this is a great local event with no entrance cost. Come out and support local vendors and artist!

Last bus not least, there is STILL TIME to sign up at Game ON! for their Ravnica Allegiance Midnight Pre-Release Pizza Party. It’s an awesome deal for a whole night of Magic, pizza, special prizes and fun!

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