Geek Blog – January 7th

Hello Geeks! Welcome to another blog entry with Geek. Today has been a bit hectic as lots of things (finally) landed in shop, so I have been running around trying to make sure they are all up. What kind of things? Well I’m glad you asked. Lets break it down with the new lines.

New Gundams hit the shelf today to include HG Shining Break, HG Mobile Sarah Doll, HG Dijeh, and the PG Seven Sword/G. There was a restock on some Real Grades as well including the beloved RG Sazabi.

We love our Gundams, but we can’t forget about other items as well. Especially when they are so dang cute and fluffy. Thats right, the new wave of AniRollz came in today. Say hello to the Owlyroll, Foxiroll and Bunniroll lineup. Yes….we even got more of the Kittiroll. Seriously though, if you haven’t seen or felt this new line of plush, you really need to do yourself a solid and pick one up.

AniRollz Large Plush. From left to right;
Owlyroll, Foxiroll, Bunniroll

Other miscellaneous items include Fortnite Figures, Gudetama Bento Boxes and much more. Make sure you click around on the site to see what’s fresh!

We are still waiting on word for Chibi Chibi Con booth location. But again, please make sure you come out and support this amazing local event. Admissions is free and it is always well worth it!

To all the Magic the Gathering players, don’t forget there is still time to sign up at Game ON! for their Ravnica Allegiance Midnight Pre-Release Pizza Party. It’s an awesome deal for a whole night of Magic, pizza, special prizes and fun!

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