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Geek Spotlight – Thomas C.

Hello Geeks! Guess what day it is….HUMP DAY! But it’s more than just Wednesday. Today is our first Geek Spotlight feature! Back in the Geek Blog – January 2nd we talked about wanting to feature other Geeks with their collection, hobbies and passion. This is the first of the series, so please any feedback on the structure is greatly appreciated!

Today, we feature a man who has been around since our doors first opened at the South Hill Mall. Thomas Cannuli, or better known on Instagram as MoparMyFunko. I got the chance to sit down with Thomas and pick his brain about how his Funko collection started.

For those of you who don’t know, Funko is a toy company that makes products relatable to pop culture. Their main line, Funko Pop! Vinyls have been a huge hit world wide. The almost 4 inch dolls are recreated with a big head and big eyes look of some of your favorite characters from comic books, anime, video games, tv shows and yes, even cereal! Some are much more collectible than others and can fetch a pretty penny on resale markets.

The interview was recorded via voice recording. However, I decided to put in in script format for you. Geeks text will be in the BLUE color while Thomas is in the RED color. Enjoy!

Actual photo from Thomas C. Permission to use image was granted from the creator. All credit goes to Thomas C.

Hey Thomas, thanks for coming and all that good jazz. Lets get down to business though. How long have we known each other?

I want to say about 3 years.

We’ve only been open for a year and a half (laughter)

Oh…well then that long then!

So we know you as an avid Funko collector. Is there anything else you collect?

I like collecting first issues of comics. I like getting things autographed for sure. I have a lot of things autographed like comics, Funkos and Hot Wheels. I also collect die cast cars, coins, stamps, pretty much everything.

Actual photo from Thomas C. Permission to use image was granted from the creator. All credit goes to Thomas C.

Sound like you do quite a bit. Would you say Funko is your largest collection out of all of those?

Definitely a runner with the others, especially comics and Hot Wheels.

So we want to focus more on your Funko collection but we will still touch base on other things. When did you fist start collecting Funkos?

I started collecting Funkos when I got off of active duty around 2011/2012.

What got you into Funko collecting?

I was walking around one day and saw a Toothless Pop! from How to Train Your Dragon. I thought to myself “Oh that’s cool, but I will pick it up another day. Unfortunately, I never saw it again. Then I started following an account on Instagram called FunkoTree and I started to try and collect all the Captain America Funko Pops!

Right on. Is Captain America your favorite out of the whole line?


Actual photo from Thomas C. Permission to use image was granted from the creator. All credit goes to Thomas C.

So your walking around one day and you see your first Funko Pop! that you decide you are going to purchase. Do you remember which one it was and from where?

The first one I ever got was the original Green Lantern from 2011. It was back when they still put hang tabs on the back of the box. I think it was from a 7/11.

So you see this Green Lantern Pop and get it. What is it after that moment that compels you to start on this collection journey?

I didn’t really get too heavy into it until I moved back to Washington State from New York. When I left New York, I maybe had 7 total. When I got over here, I started getting into it by finding more and more figures that I liked. It was around a time when I hadn’t started my new job or school yet, so I was just sitting at home bored out of my mind. Being home alone kind of triggered some stuff that happened back in the day. So to keep my self and mind occupied, I would go out and hunt. It got me out of the house and kept me busy.

I see. On that note, while you were/are out and collecting, what is the best experience you’ve had? It could be anything from getting a signature from someone, finding a super rare hard to find, or just standing in line for hours. Whats the most fondest memory from collecting Funkos that you have?

Meeting my friends that I have now.

What about your worst memory?

There are some collectors that while your standing in line, as soon as the door opens, they rush through to get ahead of you for the one you were looking for and then the store runs out. It has happened a couple of times.

That sucks, did you punch them in the face?

No his mustache probably would of ate my hand (laughter) Same guy the last couple of times to.

Got ya, do you want to call him out on it?

No….I just bought some things from him recently. Didn’t realize it was him at the time.

….Did you buy the things from him that you were unable to get because he rushed past you to get?

Yep (laughter)

What is your favorite line from Funko?

It would have to be the Power Rangers line. Everytime I think I’m done, they come out with another one that that makes me say “Damm I need that one to now.” There hasn’t been a Power Rangers one that hasn’t made me feel that way yet.

Actual photo from Thomas C. Permission to use image was granted from the creator. All credit goes to Thomas C.

If you had to pick one single Pop! as your favorite, which would it be?

The World War 2 Captain America from 2017 Emerald City Comic Con. I have a tattoo of Captain America on my back in that uniform, so when I saw it I knew it had to have it. I think I have 3 in my collection now. One I keep out of the box and the others are stashed away.

So you have an account with PopPriceGuide were you can track your collection and its worth. According to it right now, how many pieces do you have and what is the value?

For sure over 1100 pieces and its worth about $30,000.00

So are you view yourself more as a trader, collector, or “flipper”?

Funatic. Flippers sell right away. I get stuff for my collection. If later I need to sell it I will. I did recently sell one of my top grails for about $700. It’s valued at about $1000.00. Wasn’t too happy about it, but had to be done.

Last question. Is there a line that you wish Funko would do?

I really want them to do a Forest Gump line. I want the ship Jenny as a Pop! Ride with Lt. Dan in the crows nest. Also, Lt. Dan with the New Years party hat in the wheel chair. I keep posting it on the forum but never get a response. I do however keep getting a lot of likes!

If anyone wants to talk Funko, comics, Hot Wheels or anything else how can they reach you?

Follow me on my Instagram, MoparMyFunko.

That does it for this months Geek Spotlight! Be on your toes as we may want to feature you one day!

Do you have a favorite Funko Pop or a favorite line? Let us know in the comments section below!

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