Geek Blog – January 21st

Greetings Geeks! I hope you weekend was full of relaxation and/or excitement. Today has been a pretty hectic day with all kinds of stuff that came in. I honestly can’t go over it all in one blog. So I’ll touch up on a few key things!

First off, following its successful release, the Dragon Ball Super Broly: Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta Figure-Rise kit made it in shop today. While I have not yet had a chance to put one together, cracking the box open did bring me joy and excitement. I’m hoping to get one finished by the end of this week, so please look forward to a product review on that.

Also, the Special Color Versions of Goku and Vegeta Figure-Rise also came in. The box art alone on these makes it worth it. You will notice more vibrant colors to the pieces than their predecessors, as well as new decal marking that you can add freely. The best part, same price as the older ones!

Continuing on. We have made a little more progress in our Video Games section as well. It’s a slow process so please bare with us as we get it up and going. You should notice a new Super NES and Playstation 2 section up though. We will continue to work on this new section to make it better for your experience!

Lastly, I wanted to say congratulations to Game On! here at the South Hill Mall for an epic Magic the Gathering Pre-Release party! This was their first midnight pre-release party and they smashed it with a full house! If Magic is your thing, you need to be on the look out for their next party!

Is there a certain retro video game or system you are looking for? Or is there one that you are currently playing that just takes you back to nostalgia-ville? Let us know in the comments section below!

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