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Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie


My buddy Kyle and I walked in and handed our tickets to the people who check them and tell you which theater to go to. We were handed a flyer that had a awesome picture of Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta with all the movie information and date attached. He asked me “are you excited?” I smiled from ear to ear and told him my excitement was well over 9000!

Kyle saved some good really good seats. 2nd row from the back, right smack in the middle. We joined up with 2 other friends as well. I kept tapping my heel on the ground as I waited for the pre-show and previews to hurry up and finish.

The lights went dark and the theater erupted in clapping and “Whoooohooo! My excitement rose as the movie started. The opening scenes are familiar from what you would expect of all Dragon Ball Movies. There is no super exciting entry, but thats okay, because you are learning the story as it goes along.


Thankfully, this movie gives a new reason to Broly’s rage other than just “Kakerot!”. The back story begins as our current earth heroes were still in nursing chamber, or incubators. King Cold makes an appearance on Planet Vegeta to announce his retirement and that he will be giving his command to his son, Frieza.

Broly, who is also in a nursing chamber, is found to be a dangerous threat to the Saiyans and Planet Vegeta. King Vegeta orders him to be shipped off to a far distant planet by himself. Broly’s father gives chase, and wind up stranded on the planet. The planet is full of monsters and is mostly inhabitable. They live here for years.

Fast forward to current lore, and a group from Friezas Force stumble upon them. They recruit the standed Saiyans and bring them back to Frieza. Frieza notices the potential in Broly and wishes to use him to fight Goku and Vegeta, as soon as he finishes gathering the Earths Dragon Balls.

Friezas Force lands, some talking happens…and then the movie really starts. Broly first attacks Vegeta, and it seems that both at base form, its a pretty equal fight. you start to notice the scales slightly tipping for Broly when Vegeta decides to go Super Saiyan. At this point, Frieza learns that Broly has never transformed into a Super Saiyan and is worried that this all has been for nothing. Vegeta begins to win again when more rages consumes Broly. Broly then again becomes more powerful, and Vegeta yet transforms again to keep up. This time, into Super Saiyan God, or Super Saiyan Red as most would say. This is the first time in the series we see Vegeta take this form.

At this point, Vegeta pretty much smashes Broly. You think the fight is over at one point where it seemed Vegeta had killed Broly. Yet again, Broly rages on and eventually matches and starts taking over Vegeta.

Goku steps in and its not long before Goku is also in his Red form as well. He catches Broly in a stun and tries to befriend him like Goku always does, but it fails. At this point, I would like to make a comparison to The Avengers Movie. There is a part where Hulk gets ahold of Loki and smashes him repeatedly on the ground like a rag doll while holding his leg. Broly catches Goku in this same scenario, but makes it even worse. The beating Goku gets from Broly is almost hard to watch, but you cant stop watching it none the less.

Vegeta joins in and the 2 heroes go Super Saiyan Blue. They try to fight off Broly and seem to hold their own until tragic strikes. Broly’s dad dies and Broly looses all control and goes Super Saiyan. Broly has now lost sense and is basically a Great Ape, in a sense he will attack anything or anyone without care.

Knowing they are in danger, Goku and Vegeta leave the field (in a hilarious fashion) and wind up next to Piccolo. The realize that the Fusion technique is their only hope, and begin practicing it. They eventually make it work and head back to the field where they save Frieza from getting smashed in by Broly.

The fight between the Saiyans continues, and the heroes joined together go through their power levels as well. When they hit Super Saiyan Blue, it seems they are finally powerful enough to control and defeat Broly. Big things are happening along in the background during this time, but it has to deal with the ending and I don’t want to really spoil that. The fight ends in an interesting way. Friezas plans are foiled and he deiced to leave, pledging to return and destroy Earth once and for all. Pretty much the end at that point, but there is more that you must see.

Oh and also, you get to see Nappa with hair.


I did enjoy the movie a great deal. There were a lot of different aspects that they took and blended it well together. From story telling, to art, to music and more.

The story is an upgrade from the old Broly movies and gives a more practical reason for why Broly dislikes Goku and Vegeta. But it’s not just the story is told, but more how its told. They want you to feel a connection with Broly, and after seeing and hearing what he goes through, you understand why he is the way he is.

It’s not all seriousness though. There are some great comical parts in the movie that lighten up the mood in even the most damming moments. For those of you who are familiar with the Buu saga, you will notice a comparison to a certain part in there as well. These parts help you remember that its not all just about the fight though, and that it’s okay to laugh even when the world is about to be destroyed.

The art is of a different style. Its crisp, clear and fluid. But it doesn’t look like it does with the regular Super series. I really can’t think of a name or comparison, but if (when) you see it, you will notice a change. Not for the better or worse, but a change

The fighting animation is excellent and nothing is wasted. Every move everyone makes is for a good reason. At one time in the movie, you take on a “point of view” as Broly fighting Goku, seeing through his eyes what is like to go 1 on 1 with Earths hero.

The music is an array of different types, ranging from old martial artist movies to new day heroic scenes and everything in between. It’s a nice mix that fits well with each scene going on.

Overall, I give this movie an 8.7/10. My hype was cured wit the amazing fight scenes, comical relief and a great story that may have left it open for another movie. If not another movie, then it would be nice to see the Super series continue from this movie.

Of course, we can’t talk all about this movie without throwing some merch around as well!

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Did you see the movie? What was you favorite part or what are you looking forward to next in the series? Let us know in the comments below!

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