Geek Blog – January 14th

A new challenger has appeared!

Hello Geeks! Welcome back to another exciting Monday! But by the time you read this, you should only have 4 days left until your weekend (for you lucky Monday-Friday workers). If not, well too bad, read this anyways.

At the beginning of this year, we talked about new product lines that we would start carrying. Last week on the January 9th blog, we talked about our video games. We are still getting them set up on the site, so we ask that you be patient with us. Slowly but surely, it is coming along.

We also mentioned another line. Some of you may be familiar with them, some not so much. I’m talking about Kotobukiya. While their name is catchy, their range of products are just as impressive. We get asked a lot about their plastic model line, so of course we had to dab into that world. They make kits for familiar series such as Metal Gear Solid, Armored Core, and even Metabots! But the one that caught our eye, was none other than the Bullet Knights Launcher from the Megami Device line.

Kotobukiya kits have a similar style to Bandai, in the fact that there is no paint or glue needed for assembly. Open the box and you are ready to go. Though, as always we do suggest a trusty pair of clippers and maybe even an exact-o blade.

While we will never give up on Bandai and their model line, it is nice to have different sets in for people. Again, just like the video games, it will be a slow process but stay with us and you will see the growth of new areas.

Are you familiar with the Kotobukiya kits? Do you have a favorite one you have built? Let us know in the comments section below!

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