Geek Blog – February 4th

Whos that pokem…..wait you’re not supposed to see that!

Hello Geeks! For all of our local readers, we hope you are staying warm and safe in the cold weather this week! Stores and schools may have shut down today, but that did not stop us from producing “quality” content and making products readily available for you. So with out further ado, let’s begin.

First off, a new slew of Gundams landed in the shop today. They include the 1/144 HG GBN Base Gundam, 1/144 HG R-Jarja, HaroPla Mobile Haro, Petit’Gguy Ayame and the much anticipated 1/100 MG Sinanju Stein NT Ver. There was a restock on some other kits including Dragon Ball and Naruto as well. These new kits will go fast so make sure you order yours as soon as you can to secure them!

Also up, the Krillin S.H. Figuarts has came and the Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Goku S.H. Figuarts has went up for pre-order. They are going fast so make sure you pick yours up to keep your collection up to date!

Next, don’t forget that Chibi Chibi Con is this weekend,Saturday February 9th! There is no fee to get in and it’s a great local show! We will be there with a booth, showcasing some new products that we will be carrying. What products you ask? Well, you will either have to show up or wait till after the show to find out 😉

To make it so you don’t lose you minds though…here is a slight hint at one of them.

Lastly, a quick update on my Kingdom Hearts 3 experience. For those of you who read the January 31st Geek Blog, you will remember that I talked about how I was still early into the game but enjoying my time. I’m glad to announce that my feelings have not changed and progression has been made.

I completed the Toy Story world, better known as Toy Box. Out of the select few worlds I have traversed so far, this one has to be my favorite. You enter the world as a toy, meet other toys and take over a toy shop as toys using other toys fighting toys. Yes, that was supposed to be a confusing.

I won’t get too much into story, but there were certain elements of this world that just made it mind blowing, cheeky and fun. on the top of the list, was the fact that you got to inherit unused mech suits that were part of a in game affiliation called Verum Rex. These “mobile suits” came in different shapes and colors and had their own unique abilities. When you ejected the Heartless from one, you could choose to take that suit over or keep yours which was nice in heavy battles incase you needed to swap. Fighting a mech suit on your own is doable, but much more fun in plastic destroyer of your own.

Another thing I loved about the toy store was the store itself! The set up is a 3-level shopping experience with different areas representing different tastes. For instance, on floor 2 there is a action figure area. On floor 3 is a video game area and a toddler area.

In the mentioned action figure area, there is a Final Fantasy Dissida NT shelf display. There are a few statues of primals(summons) displayed with some extras around. What caught my eye and made me chuckle was how they even included prices, with price difference. As you can see from the pictures below, Ifrit is $99.98 while the more loved and bad-ass Bahamut is $128.64. Subtle statements and findings like that keep me wanting to find the next quirky thing. One thing is for sure though….I want these statues in real life.

That wraps it up for todays Geek Blog. Remember, stay warm, order Gunpla, enjoy Kingdom Hearts 3 and hopefully we will see you all at Chibi Chibi Con!

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