Geek Blog April 1st: Shaved Beard, Mini-Van and Robots Chasing Cats.

Hello Geeks! Welcome to another fantastic Geek Blog April 1st. In tonight’s blog we will be going over a few things. Geek Shaves his beard off, Hyperlink buys a mini-van, and Gundam is trying to fight Hello Kitty. Well…2 out of those 3 are not real. So to find out which one, have your scrolling finger ready, and swipe on down to continue reading!

Firstly, we have got to talk about new pre-orders. Bandai has released a bit of a variety in their previous blitz. High, Grades, Hi-Resolutions, Go-Saurer and more! Also up is a new Transformers kit featuring Megatron as an Autobot from the IDW series. Click each below to find out more info!

Silver Bullet Supressor Pose 1
Destiny Gundam (Heine Westenfluss Colors) Pose 1
Magnasaurer Pose 1
Gundam Astray Noir Pose 1
Megatron IDW Pose 1

Secondly, our Video Games to site continues to grow! Our most recent additions have been the Sega Genesis games section. At the current rate, we are hoping to have them all up by the end of April. Remember, you can bring in your old games and systems to trade them in for either cash or store credit! All of our games are clean and tested before being put up.

Moving on, Gundam is celebrating their 40th year anniversary while Hello Kitty is celebrating 45 years (do you feel old yet?) There is a collaboration event going on in which even you can join! We found this short video moving and wanted to share it with you all though. Enjoy!

Next up, we want to say thank you to all those who came to the Washington State Toy Show last weekend at the Puyallup Fair Grounds. It was a good time, and everyone got to see some awesome new and vintage toys and comics. They are talking about another one in November this year, so we will keep you updated as we get word!

This coming Saturday (April 6th) we will be at Chibi Chibi Con! This is the event that was originally scheduled for February but was postponed due to bad weather conditions. Its held at the Evergreen State College and is free to attend! Come check out some local vendors and awesome local artists. There is also games, panels, a dance and more! We hope to see you there!

I hope you enjoyed this volume of Geek Blog: April 1st. The beard is still here and Hyperlink has not bought a mini-van (yet) As always, you support is much appreciated! Is there a certain pre-order you are excited about? Will you be joining in on the Gundam VS Hello Kitty? Let us know in the comments section and subscribe while you are at it!

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