Facebook Has Rendered Oculus Quest 2 VR Headsets Useless

Vice President of Reality Labs over at Facebook had some eye-opening news for gamers.  He said that they needed to make sure that their Facebook account was in “good standing” BEFORE they purchase an Oculus Quest 2.  Otherwise, they may find themselves headed for massive headaches dealing with connectivity issues.

The Oculus Quest 2 features a significant number of improvements in its hardware compared to those features of its predecessor.  Along with the newest advancements is a significant new development when in that is said to include a mandatory account integration with Facebook.

Many gamers have claimed that they have been completely locked out of their headsets by Facebook, citing that the social media giant told them due to their accounts’ problems.  This new protocol has only left gamers with a somewhat expensive and admittedly useless paperweight.

When it comes to the arena of burgeoning VR, Oculus has been a rather prominent competitor and carries its fair share of gravitas. 

The Oculus Quest, the company’s recent advancement in the field, functions as a self-sufficient headset—in that it doesn’t require a PC or any form of external cameras.  This significant feature allows more accessibility for anyone who wants the VR experience.

With the newest Quest 2, there is a significant amount of advances and upgrades, some of which include improving upon resolution, longer quality of the controller’s battery life, and the most significant improvement that of the lowering in price.

After the Quest’s unprecedented success, gamers had every reason to be over the moon excited about the new Quest 2.  However, that excitement was quickly squelched when it was learned that Facebook would begin the forcing of account integration come October. 

This news served to incite outrage on a widespread scale and push the enthusiasm for the new release to a massively low level.

It seems that, after the release of Quest 2, the rage amongst gamers appears to be somewhat justified.  In an effort and attempt to quell the anger that Facebook was receiving, Andrew Bosworth took to Twitter to post a Facebook AMA that was published by Benjamin Bega.

Bega assured users that his team was hard at work tracking down any and all Facebook account that shows as rendering a Quest 2 useless.  With this said, Bega was quick to note that the cases were relatively small in number. 

He went on to offer that the only advice he can give at this point is that gamers make sure their Facebook accounts are in “good standing.” 

This advice is all good and well, but what about those gamers who have already been locked out of their recently purchased headsets?

A VR headset is a costly investment, and as such, gamers need to be assured that they will be able to use said headset before they fork out the money for one.  However, Facebook is choosing the route of sticking to its guns that has led to hundreds of dollars being wasted by games on the Oculus Quest 2.