Cloudflare Experiences Massive Outage

On this past Sunday, Cloudflare, which plays host to such popular online services as PlayStation and Xbox Live, incurred a massive outage and was offline.

Billed as a critical key in the global infrastructure on the web, Cloudflare serves to protect websites from those outages that may occur when traffic loads increase, like those brought on by DDoS and DNS related attacks.

Many of the big-name online websites and retailers use the service, including Amazon, Hulu, EA, and many, many more.  When users attempted to access and play Destiny 1 and Destiny 2 early in the morning on Sunday, they noticed a problem with the lack of ability to connect to the game’s servers.  The very same issue was said to have been reported as happening with several other games—including those of Grand Theft Auto V, Call of Duty, and supposedly even Runescape.

In a report posted by Newsweek, the popular information site DownDetector stated that the very same issue was affecting both PlayStation and Xbox Live.  In turn, this created what many are terming a domino effect that, in the process, was able to take down many of the more popular online games.  

Many of the online games that were affected rely heavily on a stable internet connection.  When the outage hit, it rendered them useless for a time.  Those gamers, who were taking to social media, need to understand that the whole situation was entirely out of both PlayStation and Xbox’s hands.  Any possible resolution will need to come from Cloudflare’s side, and in that way, only they are able to determine just how long the outage will last.

At the time of this writing, Cloudflare has updated the situation as “has been resolved.” 

Even though the Cloudflare platform is one of the web’s largest security providers globally, unfortunately, it is not immune to these types of outages.  Admittedly, outages such as the most recent one are few and far between. The platform can and does come up against issues such as this one.  The reason that this outage was noticed as widely as it was is thought to have been because of the sheer number of sites that are currently making use of the service.  

The outage is also proving as preventing may of those that use the service from being able to sign in, and those that have been able to sign in are reporting issues with both gameplay and streaming.

Even those games that tout themselves as having the option of offline playability were reported as experiencing issues with their popular modes online.  These modes are used as a second stream of revenue for many of the streaming games that were affected by the outage.

It is essential to remember that once Cloudflare has resolved the issue, it may still take a bit of time before all those services that are connected to the platform to find themselves up and running as usual.  It is undeniable that,  when many have such a reliance on the internet, resulting in many of the more popular games available relying heavily on connectivity or subscription to play as well, that an outage like this one is very unfortunate.