Animate! The Return Of The Daleks

Soon, the immortal words “Exterminate” will once again blast from our televisions, and fans will be able to see the Daleks unlike they ever have before.

The BBC, the same studio that brought us Doctor Who, has announced the fan-favorite iconic villains will soon be featured, and animated, in their own series.  They will become part of Time Lord Victorious, an ongoing event centered around the Doctor Who franchise.

Served up as a multiplatform storyline that ties into several generations of the Doctor, the Daleks will appear in the final installment.  The series tells various stories, both interconnected and stand-alone’s, that make use of the franchise’s multiple mediums—such as novels, audio dramas, comics, toys, and more.

The series, which will be limited, will contain five episodes, each ten minutes long, that will be titled Daleks! Each of the series five parts will stream on the Doctor Who channel on YouTube and free for fans to watch.

The series will make use of not only tying into the television series, but the animation is going to be that of CGI—some of the best in the business.  Fans are sure to be excited by the concept, and the buzz is almost palpable.

As for the storyline, the series will see the title characters, aliens themselves, face-to-face with an ancient and, as always, deadly force.  It probably doesn’t help that when the encounter occurs, the Daleks are in the process of raiding the Archive of Islos. 

The result is that the Dalek’s home planet that of Skaro, comes under attack.  The attack prompts the Dalek Emperor to flee and go on the run. The Dalek’s have no one left to come to their aid, meaning they will have to face this new enemy on their own to regain control of their home planet. 

They may even have to entertain the notion of accepting a particular enemy’s assistance, that of a well-known traveler in space and time to help them in the process.  Say it isn’t so!

This is not the first time the Dalek’s were featured in an installment of Time Lord Victorious.  The last time, in the broader tale and teaser, it was revealed the a Dalek vowed that it would put itself back together and proceed to warn the entire universe about just how “evil” the Doctor really and truly is.

As this particular event take place during the Doctor’s tenth regeneration (the David Tennant era), the warning may need to be heeded, as the Doctor has declared that he is “Time Lord Victorious,” having battled with Death and coming out winning.

With the return of previous companions, including Rose Tyler, finding themselves having to intervene, not to mention that two of his former selves, Eight and Nine, find themselves getting roped in as well—all to save the world, and the universe as a whole.

In a statement released by BBC regarding the series:

“The latest, fantastic, thrill-packed venture into the world of animation, with the Daleks as the stars of the show, is something so many of us have been craving for years.”

Nicholas Briggs

Dalek’s is slated to premiere on the Doctor Who YouTube channel in November.