Adoptable Dogs Are Coming To Sea Of Thieves

An upcoming update to the video game Sea of Thieves will offer players the chance to take a companion with them on their virtual seafaring journeys.  The addition is that of dogs, and before you ask–the answer is yes—you can pet them. 

Sea of Thieves permits its players to live out their fantasy as a pirate on the wide-open sea, also allowing them to invite others along for the adventure.  Now, those who choose to go solo will not be so lonely as they will now have a four-legged fellow adventurer.

Sea of Thieves was initially released in 2018, having been developed by Rare—the same developer of Banjo Kazooie and Battletoads.  Sea of Thieves has seen several updates to its content over the last two years, including bosses to fight, new quests, and several in-game events.

Ashenwind, the most current update, introduced the Ashen Lords—a new take on the game’s current bosses, the Skeleton Lords.  Presenting as a pile of flaming bones, they are equipped with a fiery weaponry arsenal.  Great rewards are offered to those players who can defeat them.

Now, the announcement came that a friendlier addition to the game would appear in the next update in the form of dogs as companions.

In a tweet straight from the developers of Sea of Thieves, it was made very clear that players of the video game would not only be able to adopt one of the various breeds offered, but they would also be able to both hug and pet their companions. 

Cats had already joined the video game in the early part of 2020—however, since then, the developers have been focusing on adding the much-requested adoptable dogs to the game. 

The game will offer a wide assortment of dog breeds for adventurers to choose from, and players are promised an awesomely realistic take on the dogs.  The video game dogs will act just like real dogs—such as relieving themselves at the most inopportune time and get into the same hijinx that real-life dogs do.

The wait is over, as dogs that are ready for any seafaring adventure are just around the corner.  They will possess the same amount of humor and charm that those players of Sea of Thieves have come to know, love, and expect.

With this newest addition of canines, what more could the game players possibly want?  Although the developer log did not offer any specific details at to what the dogs will be capable of, it is almost a given that players are just happy to have the dogs in the game, period. 

Admittedly, the canines will more than make a mess of their owners ship and use the handle of their favorite sword as a chew toy, but none of that will matter.   Because in the end, the game players will be able to hug them, pet them, and love them, and they will enjoy sailing the seven seas together.  Just the wholesome content that Sea of Thieves players has come to love and expect.